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Aswan Creations LLC - ASWAN NFT ART


3D - JM_TheScientist

Art creations reflective of the journey we’re on. Universally diverse, pure + insightful.

“The” NFT Marketplace for Transcendent Artist — James Martinez, Aswan Creations LLC. James is a full-time creative, messenger and spiritual leader. His artwork is available in oil and acrylics on canvas, Digital NFT and or Giclée prints. James is the author of “Once Upon a Transcendent Realm” and “Eternus Spirare“ and the Exec. Dir. of James Martinez Ministries, Inc. and the founder and deliverer of the Christian spiritual understanding of Mesa Faith.

what is nft?

1st, What is an NFT?

NFT’s are a new pattern within the cryptocurrency world. Perhaps one of the most important aspects to them is that every NFT is unique and not mutually interchangeable, this means no two NFTs can ever be the same. 

The name itself represents Non Fungible Tokens, a blockchain passage that addresses distinctive information regarding something in-particular that owners can’t trade with others, the opposite of something fungible.

Basically NFT’s are digital records which are the basis of cryptographic forms of currency like Bitcoin and Ethereum that in turn allow vendors and purchasers to confirm credibility and possession of any particular item, whether it be art, music, imagery, events, or even dates and times. 

what is nft?

2nd, How NFT’s work.

In the blockchain; Tokenization is a process where some form of assets are converted into a token which can then be moved, stored, or recorded on the blockchain. To better understand Blockchain, its essentially a digital ledger of transactions, maintained across multiple computers that are linked in a peer-to-peer network, visible to everyone everywhere.

NFT’s are essential for the Ethereum blockchain, they are singular tokens with information stored within them. This info is the significant part, it allows for them to appear as distinctive and unique. Since each asset holds esteem they can also be purchased and sold like anything tangible. And, as with all material things, NFT values are often set by market desire/demand. So the more reputable or rare an item, the more valuable it will be as an NFT.



Now, What is Cryptoart?

Crypto art is digital art personified by a non-fungible token (NFT) that “lives” on a blockchain, where there is verifiable proof of said ownership.

Until now there was no unique way for everyone to collect digital artwork. Since Crypto art and NFTs have since addressed this, the marketplace is booming. Its open the door to every form of Crypto art, including digital graphics, photographs, music, and even historical events dates and times.

Digital assets/crypto art revolves around the idea of digital scarcity. This means that Crypto Art exists in limited quantities where buyers purchase the rights, royalties, and the reproduction of artwork from their favorite artists. (Considering exclusivity and artist asset appreciation) 


There are so many reasons to own or buy our NFT art work; love, admiration, decoration, preservation, and of course investment. Artists have always felt the need to express themselves and now with most of the world online – I’m absolutely certain and without doubt, the future of art is crypto.

Why buy James Martinez art though? Why Aswan? I recall someone asking what makes my art so special? Why should anyone give me the time of day? 

For starters; I’m part of a divine plan, extraordinary in nature, inexplicable for some, unimaginable for others, and yet historically and scientifically verifiable. With God, I recently became the first in history to go through time with Him effectively changing the past. (You read that correctly)