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James Martinez

Spiritual Leader,
Transcendent Artist

James Martinez - Aswan NFT - Pensive 2021

God called me “The Scientist”, I pulled the pieces of the puzzle of life apart and understood it. I AM the author of Once Upon a Transcendent Realm & Eternus Spirare and two other soon to be released books. I’m also an artist, painter, NFT creative. 

I create art and write poetry and non-fiction literature. I’m a photographer when life allows and recently began striving for film-making. Gifted James Martinez Ministries Inc. and a for profit business Aswan Creations LLC, I’m striving to establish this extraordinary message as I create transcendent art based upon next level insight and Divine Revelation.

You may or may not know of the blessings I’ve become part of with God, they’re heavenly supernatural, spiritual and other-worldly. Hard to believe something so profound could be given to someone like myself. It all started with a quickening that led to spiritual enlightenment. I’ve since surpassed that spiritual level many aspire to reach. I’ve found the meaning of life and the truth of what comes afterlife. I found worlds within worlds within worlds.

I’ve been to Paradise.

I have walked on water and flown over mountains. Discovered multiple realms existing simultaneously alongside ours. Made contact with extradimensional persons whom I met along The Way. Went through that little white light into what I know now to be a vortex, went exploring. I went so far I found God up in heaven where He befriended me. I held court with Him and The Seraphim, He reminded me why He had created me. 

Given an incredible job, God blessed me beyond measure and He filled me up with His Holy Spirit. We’ve been working together ever since. Our art tells our story and whether you call yourself religious or not there’s no denying the facts, God blessed us with all the proof. 

So what makes our artwork so special: Before we began Father God sat me down and told me of what’s to come, He said, “They’ll speak of things we do for generations and generations and generations”.

Our message is difficult for some, I’m part of these extraordinary blessings and I blow my mind daily. Can imagine the challenge hearing something as fantastic. The whole space time thing and having a remarkable view of life, God put His word upon my heart then leveled with me about everything. In the process of accepting this position I requested to be an artist, shortly there after the materials showed up. We’ve been creating art ever since.

Imagine owning an NFT from someone who just changed recorded human history? Can you fathom the enormity of what this means for mankind? We’re talking about something that’s never been done before, till now.

So there I was lost in the world, running in circles, going nowhere fast, then suddenly meeting with Father God — getting offered a spiritual leadership position. I didn’t think I could do the sort of things we’re doing so I turned down the offer again and again, for hours on end. I was poor in spirit back then, suffering myself and the world. It took much explaining and perhaps one of the greatest pep talks the world has ever heard.

When I finally said yes to God He told me it wouldn’t be easy, its not been. In the process of writing 4 books and creating hundreds of pieces of art, I’ve had to endure religious persecution and the various types of ridicule and mockery that comes along with working with God. I found the irony quite interesting, how the lost fight me not knowing I’m worse than all of them.

Got to appreciate the bigger picture. God took me in, the worst one. Humbled and lifted me up to heaven then blessed me beyond measure. All of our books scientifically reveal our journey, much of our art carries scientific subtleties which point to my discoveries on transcendence, and, we can’t play down the gravity of the fact we just changed His-Story, and that changed everything.

James Martinez - Aswan NFT - Pointing Up To God

If ever you wanted a sign, this is it. The power and grace of God is real, were it not for Jesus’ sacrifice I wouldn’t be here. My life is a living testament to what happens after salvation, after we find repentance we’re forgiven and welcomed back to life.

“All Things Are Possible With God”

Walking on water
Moving a mountain
Flying through the air
Going up to heaven
Seeing Father God
Changing the past

If you’re anything the way I use to be you probably struggle with faith and belief. Perhaps you falter with the ways of the world. Or, maybe you’re giving into your every desire. Whatever the issue I want you to know that there’s a way to get past it all, its not easy but then anything worth doing never is. I can remember how difficult it was to even consider anything to do with God, it was because like many I was trying to live away from Him too. I ended up causing all of my own issues.

If I could give anyone any advice it would be this, stop trying to go it alone. There’s a certain way God created life and when we try and go against it we inadvertently bring about the very things we don’t want. Its ironic that this lesson could be so challenging. Do right by God and good things will come, don’t, and life can go from bad to worse. The struggle is real! We’re all going through it, everyone you know is battling against an enemy they can’t see. 

That was probably the hardest thing to learn, life has to be lived accordingly.

If you would have told me twenty years ago my life would be all about God I wouldn’t have believed you. Having done everything wrong or some variation of it I see the effects of our actions. God showed me the error of my ways.

My job now is to bring a greater spiritual explanation of His word to life. I get the incredible blessing of sharing all that I’ve seen, all that I’ve become part of and all that I’ve learned – spending one on one time with Him for so long.  I get to share knowledge and wisdom. God called me The Scientist because I scientifically proved all the things we’re revealing.

I know this message can help open everyone’s eyes to what’s happening in life behind the scenes. There’s so much more going on than anyone could possibly imagine. All the more reason to stay mindful and learn how and why all of this stuff is so important. The world can be a challenging place, it takes practice living upright faithfully. If you’re struggling I suggest searching for why that is. We absolutely have to go through the things we do but I want for you to know God doesn’t want you to suffer, He wants to bless you. 

Aswan NFT - James Martinez

Author, Artist, Writer, Poet, Photographer, Filmmaker

James Martinez is currently at work writing screenplays, manuscripts, and new literature. His books are spiritually enlightening and heaven sent. He divides his time writing and creating art, and more Transcendent art is on The Way. Aswan Creations will continue developing this site as new content becomes available. We’re also working on a new vlog series to help catalog and compliment this historic message. If you’re moved by our artworks we urge you to purchase a piece as we’re certain the value will sure to increase.

Thank you for your interest, contact us here, with your questions. God bless