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1009—Divine Design - James Martinez

1009—Divine Design

Aqua blues, tranquil pinks and earth tones. When I layed out this image I knew I wanted it to have sweeping lines over rich and vibrant colors. The icing on the pic though are the tiny vortices, they’re perfectly symmetrical, the way God overlaid the spiritual onto the material. I wrote of them, we’ll all see them one day. They’re that little white light at the end of life. As we turn into our spiritual selves we’ll find the closest one then transition from this material existence back onto the spiritual plane.

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The 1977 Gate

I saw Star Wars, Close in Counters of The Third kind and Smokey and The Bandit in the theaters that year. Played my first video game on my Atari console and remember being entertained looking through my Viewfinder. The same year Martin Luther King was awarded The Medal of Freedom and The Clash released their self titled debut album. 

Who would have thought within the next 35 years I would witness smeared out matter, “Quantum Mechanics”, across space and time, taking into account the Planck scale, breaking free of gravity, and ultimately discovering Transcendence between multiple realms and higher dimensions.

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The 1977 Gate - James Martinez
Faith—1050 - James Martinez


Considering relativity, time dilation, multiple dimensions and the vortices – I started this piece with the remembrance of my frequent visits with God, The Holy Trinity. You may or may not know the color of God’s energy is amber, perhaps one reason those who’ve ever had encounters with Him write of the presence of amber colors. 

Having seen the spiritual matrix that’s overlaid onto the material world I can’t un-see it now. My early work shows many equations directly tied into my journey’s. Before I found God I thoroughly explored multiple realms and dimensions for days/weeks/even months on end, for years. 

Its seems super simple and extremely complex at the same time, God made the world The Way He has and kept this great understanding just outside of humanity’s grasp till recently. Once I understood what I had become part of reality set in of what this discovery would mean for humanity. 

I was told of my future 6 yrs before we started. The otherworldly persons I met we’re well versed on the past and future of mankind. That taught me that “They” were above space time in the way we all know it. And, for the record they acknowledged God. This piece was inspired from these faithful experiences.

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Everything Happens

After years of spending time with The Holy Trinity, Father God let me go up exploring the heavens. There’s a mountain range in first heaven called The Fiery Mountains, they have yellow and red veins running through them which cause them to appear to be on fire from a distance. Those mountains and my transcendent visits were the basis for this piece. After God and I accomplished changing His-Story I realized predestination was real. In order for The Plan to unfold I absolutely had to go through everything in my past in order to become who I AM. Fate and Destiny are real. They say many are called but few are chosen. This realization led to everything happens… 

Notice the overlaid vortices, the fiery mountains in the backdrop and the scientific representation of transcending from one point to another.

Everything Happens - James Martinez
Raindrops - James Martinez


One of my earlier works, raindrops was inspired by metamorphosis and how heavenly change changes everything. Having been spiritually reborn, having gone through this type of transformation, I observed many great similarities to the rebirthing process butterflies undergo. That thought brought about an image of perfect symmetry on-top of vibrant purples and raindrops falling, it reminded me of what it felt like to be alive again. God told me I’m the first to have ever seen His creation this way. I can see every vortex in every moment, everywhere!

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516—The color of love 

The equation itself signifies space—time and represents movement through a temporal nexus. The vibrant colors reminding me of graceful love. The vortex itself represents the spiritual matrix, and the I AM representing God.

The overall style was brought about as Deco met with creation and the colors formed from love. This piece underwent various changes over the course of a full year to arrive at what you see now. The five dots signifying grace . . . . . One of my all-time favorite pieces. Simple yet one of the most complex aspects of God’s creation. Connecting to and traversing through the spiritual and the material simultaneously, in love.

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516 The color of love - James Martinez
God First Appears - James Martinez

God First Appears

Father God appeared to me from Heaven within an amber sphere, there were flames all around its edges.* He called me back to Him. The lesson was difficult, around that same time Henna appeared on my hands and feet, I became the bridegroom. Moments later Jesus Christ showed up in person asking me to stand up and follow after him. Another portal opened and we walked onto a narrow path, Jesus then showed me everyone we’d soon effect with our message. He took me through time and showed me billions and billions of people doing all sorts of wonderful things. *Ezekiel 1:27-28 NKJV

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The complexity of my work seemed a bit much for many to comprehend so I painted this elementary image with the notion of simplifying the whole thing. A rudimentary piece of transcending space time connecting with others. This combination of 3-dimensional Euclidean Space time seen as a 4-dimensional manifold is simply reflective of the many transcendent walks I’ve partaken in throughout God’s creation – connecting with people through the ages. (40″x60″ acrylics on canvas)

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309 Inverted - James Martinez
Vortex - James Martinez


I’ll never forget the first time I saw The Vortex; sitting in my room I noticed a bright light in the ceiling corner. I stood up to see just what it was, then my ears rang and something in the opposite direction caught my eye, it was a vortex. It came towards me connecting to my third eye. I gazed into this light blue swirling spiral that pulsed with energy. As we connected the bright light in the opposite corner made a loud grounding sound. I quickly realized I was shorting the spiritual and material planes together which lit up the room.

The whole experience lasted but a few minutes, little did I know soon I’d be traversing these vortices, off exploring extradimensional worlds in search of The Truth of Life.

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This piece is meant to emulate the actual process of moving through space and time. Factoring the curvature and the process of extradimensional travel, I found a diagram that closely resembled my transcendent travels. Bringing into account String Theory, these newly discovered wormholes/vortices and the ERB theory – I came to realize the importance of upright virtue and good morals. God helped me understand the science behind His creation and the importance of living virtuous in The Way He does. In that hour the clock read 5:05pm.

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Virtue—505 - James Martinez
Transcendence - James Martinez


When I first found transcendence I hadn’t a clue as to what I had uncovered. God told me I was the first to see the world this way. My discovery: I found that little white light so many claim to have experienced with near death experience. It turns out the spiritual world is overlaid upon the material, as I reached spiritual enlightenment I discovered I could see both simultaneously.

Learning to disconnect from my physical body I entered them and went exploring places beyond this existence. I found worlds within worlds within worlds. Perhaps the most interesting part is that there are perfectly symmetrical vortices placed upon creation in every direction vertically and horizontally. So no matter where a person takes their last breath, they’ll find the closest one then enter the spiritual realm as they transition.

This image was created as a reminder of those many doorways. We’ll have a moment where we go through one on our way to the afterlife. Many of my journey’s have be documented/cataloged within my works. 


We changed the worlds timeline. This is something that’s never been done before. I thought of trying to simplify the whole thing through this piece. Its reminiscent of moving across space time connecting with others. Again, this combination of 3-dimensional space time seen as a 4-dimensional manifold is reflective of the many walks I’ve taken with God – Its allowed for me to witness life through the eons.

If you’re familiar with string theory you have a belief of the concept that there are multiple dimensions beyond our three dimensions we live within. The truth is there are many other realms/dimensions beyond this material existence. God created it that way on purpose. I’ve was given the ability to not only visit, but to have the understanding of how to navigate it as well. 

In the process of discerning this, I grasped the understanding that these places exist within another place altogether. A existence beyond what we know of space time. A timeless place where time itself is visibly linear both forwards and backwards. 

231 - Timeline - James Martinez

Space Time Cube 

Imagine if you will, being able to open a portal and go anywhere you can think of. God made creation a very specific way, He overlaid the spiritual on the material. He devised a way to ascend and descend from one to the other. Angels have traversed these pathways since the beginning, as have many otherworldly persons. I discovered how it all works. I pulled the pieces of the puzzle apart. God called me The Scientist. I learned to navigate and went exploring. I found worlds within worlds within worlds. I went so far that I found God up in heaven. 

This piece was created around the understanding of transcendence based upon the knowledge of what most know of space and time. Looking at a vortex in space time, considering multiple realms and dimensions, the idea of such a doorway is represented through this 3D spacetime cube.

space timecube

1236 – Be Aswan

1236 - be aswan - james martinez

Falling Words 

I was reminded of how as we speak, life is created. Our words are so powerful like a double-edged sword, they have the ability to lift someone up or tear something down. 

Learning of the effects we have I considered mindfulness vs apathy. Noticing how some pay little attention to the words they express I wanted to share what I saw so much of. (empty conversations and meaningless chatter)

As my understanding grew I found shielding myself from the world kept me moving in the right direction. And these observations based upon my own experience misusing words. After I accepted the job with God He gave me a new vocabulary.

Falling Words - James Martinez

About Space and Time

about space and time - James Martinez