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3D - JM_TheScientist

Hello world, welcome to our blog/vlog. We recently stepped into the NFT arena. Such an amazing place to become part of. As you know, there are so many talented artists in the world, so many great works to view and such little time to see them all. Creating art is something rather extraordinary, the inspiration behind each piece, the motivation, the finished work all having an impact on those who encounter the artists vision. Who would have thought that a few swirls of color and imagery could move someone in such ways? 

Becoming an artist completely changed my life. I was touched by the hand of God, literally. When you fully understand our message, perhaps you’ll see just how special these transcendent works are. There are scientific messages within our works, all pointing to our transcendent walks and discoveries. If you’ve not heard yet, spoiler alert, we’re doing real life miracles. Our creative works all help tell our story. God called me The Scientist because I pulled the pieces of the puzzle apart and understood it. He wrote me a song, See Coldplay – The Scientist, which plays as a conversation we had after coming back from going up to heaven, going back in time to the start of life and changing everything.

As for our blog/vlog…We aim to catalog and document our journey here, sharing the meaning behind our works, the significance of our art all while lifting the world up to a greater spiritual understanding. Our story will have historical impact on future generations for generations and generations and generations, that’s what God told me when we started. 

Join us on our quest to reveal some of His greatest works.